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HO Scale Conversion List

This is a partial listing of units successfully converted from DC to DCC.

Manufacturer Engine Type Engine  Class Decoder




AC4400 CW




Soundtraxx TSU-GN1000

Athearn F45 B-B TCS T1
Athearn GP15-1 B-B Soundtraxx TSU-AT1000
Athearn GP38-2 B-B TCS T1
Athearn GP40-2 B-B ESU Lokpilot V3.5
Athearn GP9 B-B Bachmann EZ Command
Athearn NE6 Caboose TCS FL4
Athearn RS3 B-B Digitrax DH121
Athearn SD40 C-C ESU Lokpilot V3.5 Multi
Athearn SD45T-2 C-C TCS A4X
Athearn SD70ACe C-C Digitrax DH123
Athearn SD70ACe C-C ESU Loksound Select Micro
Athearn SD70MAC C-C TCS T1
Athearn Sound Car Box Car Digitrax SDN144PS
Athearn Std Cupola Caboose TCS FL2
Athearn SW1200 B-B Bachmann EZ Command
Athearn Genesis F45 C-C Digitrax DH123
Athearn Genesis MP15 B-B TCS A4X / TCS FL4
Athearn Genesis SD40-2 C-C TCS A6X
Athearn Genesis SD60 C-C TCS A6X
Athearn Genesis SD70ACe C-C Soundtraxx TSU-GN1000
Athearn Genesis SD70M C-C TCS A6X
Atlas Alco S4 B-B MRC 1663
Atlas Dash 8-40 B B-B TCS T4X
Bachmann 2-6-2 Prairie Bachmann EZ Command
Bachmann 2-8-0 Consolidation Bachmann EZ Command
Bachmann 4-8-4 Northern Bachmann EZ Command
Bachmann GE 44-Tonner B-B NCE N14SRP
Bachmann X Trolley Bachmann EZ Command
Broadway Limited 2-8-2 Light Mikado Digitrax DZ125PS
Kato C44-9W C-C Soundtraxx TSU-KT1000
Kato SD90/43MAC C-C Soundtraxx TSU-KT1000
Lambert Models 2-8-2 Mikado ESU Loksound V3.5
LifeLike F3A B-B Digitrax DH121
LifeLike P2K BL2 B-B Soundtraxx TSU1000
LifeLike P2K E8A A1A-A1A TCS T6X
LifeLike P2K FA1 B-B Soundtraxx TSU1000
LifeLike P2K FB1 B-B Soundtraxx TSU1000
LifeLike P2K GP60 B-B TCS T6X
LifeLike P2K RDC B-B NCE D13SR
LifeLike P2K RS2 B-B MRC 1829
LifeLike P2K SD60 C-C Digitrax DH123
LifeLike P2K SW9 B-B NCE SW9SR
Life-Like Proto 2000 E8A A1A-A1A Lenz LE080XS
Life-Like Proto 2000 E8A A1A-A1A TCS T4X
Life-Like Proto 2000 SD9 C-C Soundtraxx MC2H104OP
Lilli-Put 2-10-0 Other ESU Loksound V3.5
Lilli-Put 2-8-0 Other ESU Loksound V3.5
Marklin V200 B-B ESU Lokpilot V3.5 Multi
Marklin ESU Lokpilot V3.5 Multi
Overland Models 23T Industrial Switcher Zimo MX648
Rivarossi 2-6-6-6 Allegheny Soundtraxx TSU1000
Rivarossi 4-8-8-2 Cab Forward Digitrax SDH164D
Rivarossi 4-8-8-4 Big-Boy Bachmann EZ Command
Stewart S12 B-B Digitrax SDN144PS
Tenshodo GP35 B-B TCS T1
Walthers GP20 B-B Bachmann EZ Command
Walthers SW1 B-B TCS M1
Bemo BE4/4 II B ESU Loksound V4.0 Micro / FX Micro
Bemo GE4/4 II B-B ESU Loksound V4.0 Micro / FX Micro
Bemo GE4/4 III B-B ESU Loksound V4.0 Micro / FX