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Z-N-HO Resistance Wheel Sets

Available Now!




Resistance Wheel Sets

in All Scales

Here is another great solution from

Streamlined Backshop Services is now offering Ready-To-Run Resistance Wheel Sets for sale in all scales.

We are able to make resistance wheel sets using any brand of metal wheel.  We can convert you wheel sets or any metal wheel set we offer for sale. 

Long gone are the days when you cringed about the thought of how expensive detection would be or how tedious modifying all those metal wheel sets would be on your own.

Our wheel sets offer a cost effective and simple solution to block detection.  Our solutions costs pennies on the dollar compared to other brands.

And of course we sell the paint too.  Perfect for the Do-It-Yourselfer's in the crowd.

About Resistive Paint
Yes this product can be used the same as silver conductive paint to make traces and discrete conductive paths. 
But here is the perfect appliction for the product.  It is really resistive paint.  Per the manufacturers spec, the conductivity is rated at 1kOhm/sq.  That makes it a liquid resistor.
Now then... Are you interested in block detection and signaling but can't bear to think about buying or building resistance wheel sets?
No worries friend.  Add a stripe of resistive paint between the axle and the insulated wheel and viola!  Instant resistance wheel sets!!! 
Oh but wait... you say you need to adjust the resistance value a bit to get a car to detect?  Just add a little more paint. 
Oh but wait... you say you measured the resistance and it is too low? Just scrape off a little bit of the paint.
Think of the savings in time and effort alone.
Detailed Description of Resistance Paint
Our Carbon Paint is Aquadag E: a water based conductive graphite paint. Easy to apply with the applicator brush in the bottle cap. Provides great conductivity (1 KOhm/sq) and quickly air-dries into a flat surface texture. Maximum service temperature is 150 degrees Celsius with an average flake size of 1 micron. 30 grams each for smaller, brush cap bottles.

The typical Carbon Paint formulation is intended for brush use. A spray formulation is also available (see radio buttons above).

Typical Applications:
* Electrostatic Screening
* Electrode finishes on glass envelopes
* Coating of electron gun components
* Printed circuits - manufacture and repair
* Contact material in capacitors, resistors and other electronic components
* Prevention of corona discharge at air gaps under high voltage
* Dry lubrication of moving parts in electronic assemblies
* Static bleed in computers, office equipment, etc.
* Black matrix for color television cathode ray tubes
* Impregnant for glass and other fibers

Click here for the Aquadag E Technical Data Sheet.

Click here for the Aquadag E MSDS Sheet.


Finally. A clean and easy way to make resistance wheel sets in any scale.


YEAH! No more surface mount resistor soldering.




You can purchase a set today from my online store


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